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SUBJECT                          TEACHER                   Email address

AP CALCULUS              MS. MONEGAN    kathleen.monegan@sweetwaterschools.org

AP GOVERNMENT      MS. CURRY            nancy.curry@sweetwaterschools.org

AP WORLD HISTORY   MR. RAMIREZ     mario.ramirez@sweetwaterschools.org

AP SPANISH LANG.     MS. BIELMA          johana.bielma@sweetwaterschools.org

AP SPANISH LANG.      MS. OCAMPO        llulma.ocampo@sweetwaterschools.org

AP ENGLISH LANG        MR. PATEL            john.patel@sweetwaterschools.org

AP ENGLISH LANG        MR. GUTIERREZ  marko.gutierrez@sweetwaterschools.org

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Last Date to Pay February 28th, 2015-Students will be paying to their AP teacher
AP Calculus Parent Night TBD
AP Chemistry Exam May 4th, 2015 @ 8 a.m.
AP Spanish Language Exam May 5th, 2015  @ 8 a.m.
AP Calculus Exam May 6th, 2015 @ 8 a.m.
AP English Literature Exam May 7th, 2015  @ 8 a.m.
AP English Language Exam May 8th, 2015  @ 8 a.m.
AP Studio Art Exam May 8th, 2015  @ 12 p.m.
AP Biology Exam May 11th, 2015  @ 8 a.m.
AP Physics Exam May 11th, 2015  @ 12 p.m.
AP U.S. Government Exam May 12th, 2015  @  8 a.m.
AP U.S. History Exam May 13th, 2015  @  8 a.m.
AP World History Exam May 14th, 2015  @  8 a.m.
AP Spanish Literature Exam May 15th, 2015  @  8 a.m.