San Ysidro is an AVID National Demonstration School


AVID Coordinator: Marko Gutierrez

AP in charge of AVID: Angelina Santana

AVID Elective Teachers:

Eric Kobrick

Gina Arias

Diana Cintron

Marysol Gomez

Andrea Giordano-Rink

Lindsey Sparks

Jessica Vargas

Why do SYH students want to take AVID as one of their electives?

Students in AVID recognize that getting to a four-year university is not easy, especially for a first-generation college student.  AVID seeks to ensure that students not only get accepted to a four-year university, but that they are also prepared to succeed once they are there.   AVID students learn about all different universities, especially those outside of San Diego.   AVID students also have access to many scholarships just for being in AVID!  Many students believe that the best part of AVID includes the many fieldtrips AVID classes take to explore universities.  SYH AVID students have visited schools as close as UC Riverside and as far as UC Berkeley.

Who has graduated from the SYH AVID program and what have they done?

The SYH AVID program has been “helping Cougars get to college” since 2006, when the first AVID seniors graduated and were accepted to four-year universities.  In 2006 there were only a handful of students in AVID, but in 2018 SYH graduated 67 AVID Seniors, all of whom attend college/university now. We have students who have attended and graduated from prestigious universities such as Stanford, Bekeley, UCLA, Georgetown, Dennison, etc. In addition, some of our students are now in PhD and Master’s programs.

Previous AVID students who won big in college scholarships:

In 2017 Christian Robles (UC Irinve) won the prestigious AVID Founder’s Scholarship of $25, 0000

In 2018 San Ysidro AVID Students made headlines when they won thousands of dollars in scholarships.  Winners included:

Zapien Getsemani AVID Classroom of the Future Foundation $2,000
Zapien Getsemani Community Foundation/Daily Scholarship $1,000
Zamora Marcela Judge Lowell $765
Nunez Valeria HSSA Scholarship $1,000
Nunez Valeria Teenager of the Month $500
Nunez Valeria Community Health Scholarship $500
Rojas Karla San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce $500
Rojas Karla San Ysidro Women’s Club $500
Rojas Karla South Bay Social Club Scholarship $500
Nevarrez Hector Austin Bice Memorial Scholarship $4,000
Ratsachak Jett Community Health Group Scholarship $1,500
Lopez Karen San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce $500
Lopez Karen San Ysidro Women’s Club $500
Lopez Karen Bea Gonzales Biliteracy Scholarship $750
Machaen Mariana Bea Gonzales Biliteracy Scholarship $750
Figueroa Jessica Community Health Scholarship $500
Hinojosa Araceli Community Health Scholarship $500
Hurtado Jesus Community Health Scholarship $500
Vazquez Alexander Community Health Scholarship $500
Vereo Marla Community Health Scholarship $500

For more information on AVID at SYH, please contact : Mr.Gutierrez marko.gutierrez@sweetwaterschools.org

AVID Students and University Acceptances

Fernandez Katia SF State, SDSU
Galindo Dominique SDSU, Cal Poly Pomona, San Jose State, UC Merced,UC Santa Cruz
Meza-Tapia Jacqueline UCSD, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, UC Berkley, Williams College, USD, SDSU, Cal Poly, SCU San Marcos, CSU Long Beach
Velazco Andrea SDSU,CSU Bakersfield
Herrera Georgina CSU San Marcos
Ledesma Camila CSU Channel Islands, SDSU
Gonzalez Jessica Cal Poly, Pomona, St. John’s
Flores Luis UC Santa Cruz
Paredes Gilbert SDSU, San Jose State, UC Santa Barbara
Quintero Giovanna SDSU
Mendoza Teresa SDSU, SF State, CSU San Marcos, CSU LA, UCSD, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, George Washington Univ
Sicairos Yareli UC Merced, CSU San Marcos, CSU LA
Reyes Karen CSU Long Beach, SDSU, SF State
Valdez Karla UC Davies, UC Irvine, CSU Long Beach, Mount St Mary’s, Regis Univ.


Perla Cal Poly
Aviles Brisa UC Irvine, SDSU, CSU Long Beach, SFSU, Whittier College
Martinez Carlos SDSU, CSU LA
Cabalbag Paul CSU Fullerton, CSU San Marcos, CSU LA
Rodriguez Yara Chico, CSU LA
suarez leslie san Marcos, chico
A La Torre Roberto UCSD, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, UC Berkley, SDSU, CSU LA, CSU Long Beach, SFSU
Chavez Zaenia UC Irvine, UC Davis, Hofstra University, Cal Poly Pomona, SDSU, CSU Fullerton
Garcia Christian UC Merced, SDSU, Cal poly Pamona
Garcia sally san jose state
Garcia Gutierrez Julissa Humboldt State, Grand Canyon, Regis University, University of New Haven
 Gonzalez Rosa SDSU, UC Merced, UC Riverside, Adelphi University
Gieffels Krista CSU Channel Islands, Humbolt, and The New School
rhyder jocelyn california state los angeles
Gutierrez Richard CSU Los Angeles, San Francisco State
Kane Christopher SFSU, CSU San Marcos
Lopez Mario SDSU,Merced,San Fransico State
Madrigal Josue PLNU, CSU San Marcos, CSU LA
Hernandez Itzel SDSU, CSUSM, UCSC, SFSU
Rodriguez Penelope SDSU, CSU Chico, SFSU, UC Merced, CSUSM
Bravo Tania SFSU, CSU San Marcos
valdivia kevin Csu LA, Csu San bernandino, Merced
Rodriguez Ivan UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis, SDSU, University of Pacific


Gomez Alejandra UC Merced, CSU LA
Quintanilla Jazmin UC Merced, SDSU, CA Lutheran Univ.
Beltran Robin HULT Business Int’l, Chico State
Inzunza Daniela SF State, CSU San Marcos
Sanchez Daniela SDSU, Rutgers
Ramirez Teresa UC Riverside, SDSU, SF State, CSU San Bernardino
Gastelum Ricardo Cal Poly, SDSU
Morales Ian Portland State, CSU Fullerton, SDSU, CSU Long Beach
Albiter Gloria SDSU, CSU San Marcos, SF State, Univ of the Pacific, Univ LaVerde
Baena Alejandra Chico, CSU LA
Cruz Edgar none
Espino Rodrigo CSU Bakersfield
Garcia Juan CSU LA, Pomona, Hofstra Univ.
Valdez Carlos CSU LA, CSU Chico
Quiroz Jazmine Chico, SF State
Herrera Joceline Sonoma Univ, Chico State, UC Santa Cruz
Ramos Emili CSU San Marcos
Soto Stephany SF State, UC Merced
Rodriguez Angel San Jose State, SDSU, Florida Inst of Tech
Padilla Vianey San Jose State, SDSU, Univ of Maine, Cal Poly Pomona, Cal Poly SLO, Univof Mass
Espenida Elijah UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, UCSD
Sweetser Brittney SDSU, CSUD, CSULB, UCSB, UCB, UCSD, UCLA, George Washington U, USC, Fordham, Cornell
Joaquin Maria Chico State, Sonoma State
Sanchez Alejandra SDSU, Mount St Mary’s
Reyes Keila Uc Santa Barbara, CSU Fullerton, CSU San Marcos, SDSU
Garcia Fernando CSU San Marcos, CSU Fullerton
Balvaneda Lizbeth SDSU
Nunez Abril East Bay
Olivarria Ingrid CSU East Bay, CSU San Marcos
Gutierrez Maritza CSU Los Angeles, Chico State, La Verne
Delgado Jorge Chico State,
Martinez Roman CSU Dominguez Hills, Utah State, SDSU, The Lincoln University, U of New Mexico
Pesqueira Andrea CSU San Marcos, CSU Channel Islands
Ortiz Rachel csu, fresno
Gonzalez Edith CSU San Marcos, SDSU, UC Davis
Lopez Andrew Rochester Institute of Technology
Baker Eric SDSU
Ramirez Alina UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, SDSDU, CSU Los Angeles,
Moctezuma Ricardo SDSU, CSU Pomona, CSU LA, CSU Northridge, UCSD, UCLA, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, Caltech


We have 13 sections of AVID

 What is AVID?

We have 13 sections of AVID
AVID stands for “Advancement via Individual Determination” and it is a university-preparation program designed to help students ensure they are academically and socially prepared for success in college.   Over the course of four years the SYH AVID Department helps students develop the academic skills/habits they will need to be successful at a four-year university.  AVID students take the most rigorous classes they can, but receive time in AVID to collaborate with their peers around tough subjects like AP World History, AP English Literature, and AP Calculus.  The program also ensures students are aware of all the necessary steps they must take to be admitted to a four-year university, including helping students to prepare for the SAT/ACT/SAT II tests.  Additionally, students learn about differences between universities, decide on a major that is right for them, and get help with university admissions essays, scholarship applications, financial aid, and much more!  
For more information on AVID visit www.avid.org  
For research on AVID’s effectiveness visit:  http://www.avid.org/res_research.html

Who can join?

AVID is designed for students who have the individual drive to do what is necessary to be prepared for a four-year university upon graduation.  Students must be “on-track” in their courses and have at least a “C” average.  Additionally, AVID students are usually the first in their family to attend a four-year university in the United States. Most students enter AVID at the beginning of ninth grade and should talk to the AVID Coordinator (Mr. Gutierrez ) to find out about the specific requirements for being in AVID.   Students learn about AVID first, understand the commitment and what is asked of them, and then are interviewed.  AVID is a year-long elective, but to maximize the program’s benefit students should stay in AVID for the four-years of high school.  Statistics show that students who begin AVID in middle school and stay in AVID throughout high school are more likely to complete college-entrance requirements and be admitted to a four-year university.

What does AVID look like on a weekly basis?

Hour 1: Tutorials
Hour 2: AVID Curriculum
Hour 1: Tutorials
Hour 2: AVID Curriculum
Binder checks, Socratic Seminars, Guest Speakers, and Team-Building