Cross Country

Head Coach: Randy Walton

Email: randy.walton@


San Ysidro Boys Cross Country schedule 2016


Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger

“Your team’s punishment is our team’s sport” -anonymous     


First Date for Practice: August 10, 2015

Attention all girls  interested in playing Tennis this season,  the upcoming season starts August 2015.  You Must Fill out an Online clearance  for cross country and have all paper work completed including your physical taken before November 14th,  to be eligible to play this season.

All applications not completed by August 20th  will not be accepted. Please don’t procrastinate and act immediately to complete your sports application clearance process.      Go Cougars!!

Observe these videos to learn about technique in distance running:

Check these videos for race strategy:

Posture for running Cross Country

Proper Breathing Strategy