English Language Arts

English courses at San Ysidro High School meet mandatory A-G graduation requirements and are dedicated to mastering the rhetorical approach, literary analysis and Common Core Assessment preparation.

In addition, SYH English Department will be administering grade level competencies to all 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students for the 2017-2018 academic school year. Students will be required to complete course work, pass the district assessments, and pass each grade level competency in order to earn a passing grade in the course

English Competency Policy

SYH English Department

  • English Resource Teacher – Diana Cintron


ELA Department Contact List

English 9
Jennifer Althof PLC Lead, Co-teach Jennifer.althof@sweetwaterschools.org
Raul Banuet  Literacy Workshop raul.banuet@sweetwaterschools.org
Sandra Monzon  Accelerated Sandra.monzon@sweetwaterschools.org
Jessica McKittrick  Co-teach Jessica.mckittrick@sweetwaterschools.org
English 10
Diana Cintron  PLC Lead, Co-teach Diana.cintron@sweetwaterschools.org
Jimmy Canare jimmy.canare@sweetwaterschools.org
Vincent Ciolino  Accelerated Vincent.ciolino@sweetwaterschools.org
Joann Cornejo  Accelerated joann.cornejo@sweetwaterschools.org
Yessica Gomez Yessica.gomez@sweetwaterschools.org
Melissa Hernandez  Co-teach Melissa.hernandez@sweetwaterschools.org
English 11
Gonzalo  Castro  PLC Lead gonzalo.castro@sweetwaterschools.org
Michele Bowdan michele.bowdan@sweetwaterschools.org
Diana Cintron Diana.cintron@sweetwaterschools.org
Andrea Giordano-Rink  Honors Andrea.Giordano-Rink@sweetwaterschools.org
Melissa Hernandez  Co-teach Melissa.Hernandez@sweetwaterschools.org
English 12
Jimmy Canare  PLC Lead, ERWC jimmy.canare@sweetwaterschools.org
Yessica Gomez Yessica.Gomez@sweetwaterschools.org
Glafira Repeckyj Glafira.Repeckyj@sweetwaterschools.org
Advanced Placement
Vincent Ciolino  AP Literature vincent.ciolino@sweetwaterschools.org
Marko Gutierrez  AP Language marko.gutierrez@sweetwaterschools.org
Lindsey Sparks  AP Language Lindsey.Sparks@sweetwaterschools.org