The Math Department wants to make sure all  SYHS students are proficient in mathematics by the time they graduate high school. Our pursuit towards creating proficient students stems from our focus on teaching the California Common Core Standards. More information on the Common Core Standards can be found here .


The math department has a common grading scale in all math classes. Tests account for 60% of the student’s overall grade. Quizzes account for 15%. The district EOC (End of course, or final exam) accounts for 10%. Classwork and homework make up 15% of student’s grades.


There are many  interventions to help students raise their grades in mathematics. Attached you will find a schedule for Beyond the Bells, which are week long tutoring sessions that allow students to retake their chapter exam.  Preventions (test prep Saturdays) are also offered. For Pre-Calculus and AP Calculus please see your math teacher for tutoring dates and times.

Homework zone:

Integrated Math 1 – Tuesday Mornings in room 605 (Bilingual), Tuesday Afternoon in room 604

Integrated Math 2 – Wednesday afternoons in room 402, Thursday mornings in room 404

Prevention and Interventions:

Integrated 1 2018-2019 Semester 1 Preventions:

  • August 11th (Saturday) – Equations and Features of Functions
  • September 15th (Saturday) – Linear Functions
  • November 3rd (Saturday) – Transformations
  • December 1st (Saturday) – Scatter Plots

Integrated II (2) 2018-2019 Semester 1 Interventions/Preventions :

  • Unit 1 Prevention
    8/20 thru 8/23  (4:15 – 5:30 pm )  OR   Saturday 8/25 (9-1 pm)
    Unit 1 Intervention
    9/10 thru 9/14  (4:15 – 5:30 pm )  OR   Saturday 9/8 (9-1 pm)
  • Unit 2 Prevention
    10/22 thru 10/25  (4:15 – 5:30 pm )  OR  Saturday 10/27 (9-1 pm)
    Unit 2 Intervention
    10/22 thru 10/25  (4:15 – 5:30 pm )  OR  Saturday 10/27 (9-1 pm)
  • Unit 3 Prevention
    12/3 thru 12/6  (4:15 – 5:30 pm )  OR   Saturday 12/8 (9-1 pm)
    Unit 3 Intervention
    Saturday 12/15 (9-1 pm)

Integrated III (3) 2017-2018 Semester 2 Interventions/Preventions :

  • August 18th Prevention – Unit 1 from 9-1 pm
  • Saturday September 15th Prevention – Unit 2 from 9-1 pm
  • Saturday November  3rd  Prevention – Unit 3 from 9-1 pm
    Saturday December 1st Intervention – Unit 3 from 9-1 pm
  • Saturday December 8th  Prevention – Unit 4 from 9-1 pm
    Saturday December 15th Intervention – Unit 4 from 9-1 pm

BUSES will START picking students up at 8:10

1. Sipes Lane and Anella Road
2. Willow Elementary
3. Sunset and Alverson Rd
4. Beyer Blvd and Del Sur (Villanueva)

5. Avenida de la Madrid and Ave de la Cruz




Monday – Friday

  1. Beyond the Bell is a week-long tutoring session that runs Monday through Friday before or after school for 75 minutes focusing on one unit or chapter.
  2. Monday through Thursday you will review key concepts and standards.
  3. On Friday, you will take a make-up exam that will replace your existing test score.


  1. For shorter chapters, a Saturday intervention may be offered from 9am – 1pm
  2. Students will receive Saturday School credit for attending
  3. Students will review concepts for the first 3 hours
  4. Students will retake the test for the last hour
  5. Students must complete the test before leaving.  Whatever is not completed before leaving cannot be completed at a later time.

Regardless of when you attend…

  1. The new test grade will replace the old grade if it is higher.
  2. You will receive credit toward classwork and homework assignments, but not writing assignments, for the chapter for which you attend.

Who must attend Beyond the Bell?

  1. Any student who receives a D or F on a chapter test must attend Beyond the Bell, regardless of his or her current course grade
  2. Any student who scores “below basic” or lower must attend Beyond the Bell, regardless of his or her current course grade
  3. Any student who missed a test (absent) must attend Beyond the Bell, regardless of the reason for being absent.
  4. It is also open to any student who wishes to attend to raise his or her grade.

What else do I need to know about Beyond the Bell?

  1. I cannot miss a day of beyond the bell, or I will be dropped and receive my current grade on the test.
  2. I must be on time. Seats are not guaranteed or saved. Once the room is full, no more students will be allowed.
  3. If beyond the bell takes place after school, there will be a late bus provided to those who attend.
  4. If you attend beyond the bell on Saturday, transportation will be provided both ways.
  5. If I misbehave the teacher can drop me from the class and I will not be able to make up the test through Beyond the Bell.

Math Department Staff

Luis Alejandro
Integrated Math 1 Bilingual

Aidan Connell
Integrated Math 2

Rebeca De Leon Pardini
Integrated Math 2 Bilingual

Aceneth Foster
Discrete Math/ Integrated Math 3

Paul Garrison
Integrated Math Fundamentals/ Math 12 Fundamentals/ Co-teach Integrated Math 1

Brianna Hennekam
Integrated Math 1 / Integrated Math 2

Araceli Herandez-Oquendo
Integrated Math 3 / Precalculus

Ainoha Hogan-Jimenez
Integrated Math 1 / AVID

Cristina Lopez
Integrated Math 3

Margaret Macabasco
Transitions 12 Fundamentals

Kathleen Monegan
AP Calculus / Integrated Math 1

Kimberly Morris
Integrated Math 1/ Integrated Math 2

Shelly Poliska
Financial Algebra

Maricruz Rosete
Integrated Math 1/ AP Computer Science Principles

Stephanie Salazar
Integrated Math 1 / Integrated Math 2

John Sharp
Integrated Math 2

Sara Santamaria
Integrated Math 2 / Precalulus

Andres Torres
Integrated Math 3/ Precalc/ AP Statistics

Tori Van Norstrand
Integrated Math 1 / Discrete Math