Principal’s Message

Dear Parents/Guardians,

My name is Jose Brosz, it is my honor and pleasure to be the new Principal of San Ysidro High School (SYH).  First and foremost, I would like to thank Mr. Hector Espinoza, the founding Principal, for his accomplishments, dedication and his commitment in establishing “Excellence in Education” for all students of SYH.  In addition, I would like to thank the SYH staff for their hard work and dedication to our students, parents, and community.

I was raised in the San Ysidro community and went through the San Ysidro school system and I am proud to say this is a homecoming for me.  I believe as all of you that the education of our community is a shared partnership and look forward to working with you.  As the founding Principal of Otay Ranch High School I am proud to bring proven ideas, programs, and approaches to ensure the success and achievement of our staff and students.  I welcome input from all stakeholders in order to continue the goals and visions set forth by Mr. Espinoza.

Our primary goal is to provide a safe and secure learning environment for all of our students, staff and parents.  Our staff is committed to valuing students’ backgrounds, interests, and developmental learning needs so that they may pursue their chosen life goals.  It is my sound belief that we will continue to build on SYH’s previous accomplishments to establish a flagship school for the San Ysidro community.

As the Principal of SYHS, I assure that we will do everything possible for your child’s success, but you and your child must commit your time and energy as well.  Please take time to read the enclosed material and familiarize yourself with important school dates.  It is important that parents and guardians be aware of all school activities and events.

School attendance is also very critical piece to your child’s success at SYHS, don’t forget they will only be here 720 days.  Our school and district have a very strict attendance policy and we enforce it with rigor.  Please be sure your child attends school each day and notify the attendance office if they are going to be absent.

As we progress through the school year, please do not hesitate to call upon us for any school related assistance (619) 710-2300.  My office is always open, unless I am unavailable, to all students, parents, staff and community to discuss questions, concerns and/or ideas you may have.  It is our sincere goal to have all students and families experience SYHS in a positive manner and we must work together for that to occur.  I wish you and yours a wonderful 2017-2018 school year.


Jose Brosz


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