Senior Picture Make-Up Opportunity


If you were not able to take a Senior Portrait with Lifetouch Prestige, Mr. Solomon is offering his and his photography club’s awesome skills to take makeup portraits for the yearbook* NEXT WEEK.  We want them to look as close to the official portraits as possible so we ask that you dress to impress and wear all black.  These portraits will only appear in the yearbook and are not for personal use, since this is a free service.  You do not need to sign up-just show up!


Monday, FEBRUARY 5TH: 4:10 PM – 5:10 PM in room 358

Wednesday, FEBRUARY 7th: 4:10 PM – 5:10 PM in room 358

Friday, FEBRUARY 9TH: 4:10 PM – 5:10 PM in room 358


*This is only for seniors who did NOT already take a

photo – NOT for seniors who did not like their Lifetouch Prestige Senior Picture.