SYH Receives $25,000 in Scholarships for Students to Study Abroad!

On behalf of donor Sheron Long and CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange, I am pleased to announce that San Ysidro High School has been selected to participate in the 2019-20 Global Navigator Scholarship awards for summer study abroad.

The programs and scholarships are intended to open the world to students, helping them navigate across languages, connect with other cultures, and impact global/local issues in today’s interconnected world.  We look forward to your collaboration in making this program successful at your school!

The Global Navigator Scholarships earmark $25,000 in scholarship dollars for students in your school to study abroad during the summer. For students at San Ysidro High School to receive the full $25,000, at least 10 students must complete program applications for CIEE Global Navigator programs. Any student in your school can complete an application to study abroad on CIEE Summer High School Abroad programs.  Freshman, sophomores, and juniors are eligible to apply to be considered for the 10-100% tuition scholarship awards, based on both merit and need.  Students who put strong effort into their applications, who select Language & Culture programs, and who qualify financially have a better chance of being accepted and receiving a scholarship.  Global Navigator Scholarships are generous, and they are competitive.  Please encourage students to try and to give it their best effort!  Students across socio-economic levels are encouraged to apply as awards are granted on a need-blind basis.

Global Navigator Schools are a select group of approximately 100 high schools nationwide; they share a commitment to global competence and excellence in world language instruction. The Global Navigator Schools have also articulated common assurances – that the administration, faculty, and staff pledge not only to increase awareness of the program and scholarship opportunities among the school community, but also to celebrate the students selected. Creating awareness of the opportunities for all students is key!


Our website with program details can be found here:


If students are looking for a longer term, more immersive cultural experience, please also encourage them to look into our Semester/Year and Gap Year study abroad opportunities.


From now through the scholarship application deadline of December 6, 2019 or February 14, 2020 – and after – CIEE is here to support you.  We look forward to working with you this year and welcoming your students on a life-changing academic experience next summer!


Congratulations again SYH on joining this select group of schools in the U.S.!

And Thank you to Madame Rosa for leading this effort!