Courses Offered:

Computer Applications (One Semester)

Computer Art (Full Year) – Fine Arts (F) A-G UC-CSU


SYHS Technology Today


Technology For Teaching And Learning


San Ysidro High School has embarked on an ambitious project to infuse ultra-modern educational technology tools to increase student achievement across the curriculum.


Document Cameras & LCD Projectors


Document cameras are far more that meets the eye. Creating still and real-time images for the LCD projector, every student has a front-row seat to what is happening at the presentation station.


Senteo – Interactive Response Systems


With the Senteo Interactive Response System integrated in the Engineering Technology Lab, Writing Lab, ALEKS Lab, and Social Science Labs curriculum can be reviewed or assessed in a non-threatening atmosphere, giving teachers, immediate result and item analysis capability for whole class or individual learning plans. Combined with Data Director, teachers have the ability to customize learning for every student.


The ability to project images, analog or digital media, from a variety of sources from document cameras, computer workstations, closed-circuit and cable TV, DVD/VCRs and other digital video signals make this the workhorse of the digital classroom.


Sympodium – Smartboard


Sympodiums add interactivity and quasi-mobility to traditional whiteboard technology giving teachers control of the digital classroom environment.

Teachers can create immediate interactive multimedia class activities that can be saved for later review.



Computers On Wheels – Wireless Network


Our goal is to get technology in the hands of our students. With the overall target ratio of one workstation to every 20 students and one printer to every six workstation, COWs give SYHS the flexibility to bring the technology to the primary learning environment – the classroom. Apple MacBooks and the iLife digital multimedia suite combined with Microsoft Office productivity suite brings access to applications geared to multiple learning modalities and true project-based learning capabilities to the digital classroom.