Library Plan

Library Plan

San Ysidro High School

 Students at San Ysidro High School are active and enthusiastic patrons of their library media center. Teachers, working in partnership with the library media teacher, assign curricular projects to their students that challenge their skills in locating, analyzing and reporting information.

The library program will help students become capable and proficient readers, who can skillfully access, evaluate and use information.  The overall goal is to become an exemplary program as outlined in Standards and Guidelines for Strong School Libraries.

One of the challenges in developing a school library collection is to keep up with the changes in the curriculum.  With tight budgets, only certain areas of the library collection can be updated in one budget year. The library media teacher will ask the help of the teachers, students, parents and staff.

Books selected would include fiction, graphic novels, memoirs, autobiographies and nonfiction books in the all areas across the curriculum. The emphasis for the purchasing will be to provide books for individual checkout versus reference books to be kept in the library.


1.    Reading support – The library will provide reading material in a variety of formats:  books, periodicals, graphic novels and non-print.  The library will be open extended hours for book selection, reading, study, and research.

2.    Information literacy – The librarian will work with teachers, as requested, to support the research process so that students can become more effective and selective users of information.

3.    Technology integration – The library will serve as a technology hub for students.  They will have access to computers for electronic databases, on-line library catalog, research projects and word processing.

4.    Teacher support – The library program will support the classroom teacher by offering supplementary materials like films, books on tape, and classroom library books.  The librarian will help link teachers with appropriate support materials.