The ELD teachers and levels are:

Michele Bowdan ELD ¾ michele.bowdan@Sweetwaterschools.org
Irene Geyer-ELD ELD ¾ bertha.geyer@Sweetwaterschools.org
Miriam Rachelson ELD 5/6 miriam.rachelson@sweetwaterschools.org
Stephanie Sandoval ELD 3/4, 5/6 stephanie.sandoval@sweetwaterschools.org
Scott Gampel ELD 1/2, 3/4 scott.gampel@sweetwaterschools.org
Cory Zapata ELD 1/2 cory.zapata@sweetwaterschools.org
Jessica Vargas ELD Resource Teacher  jessica.vargas@sweetwaterschools.org



ELD Levels

ELD 1/2

 ELD 3/4

 ELD 5/6

 ELD 7/8


  •   Spanish is used for instruction
  •   Beginning students
  •   Focus on vocabulary, basic   communication
  •   In bilingual core classes


  • Focus on using English during   instruction, use Spanish more on a one-on-one basis
  • Beginning-early intermediate   students
  • Continued focus on vocabulary, begin   to read novels in English
  • In bilingual core classes
  • English is focus of all instruction,   participation, writing , etc.
  • Early intermediate, some   intermediate
  • 2-3 novels read during the year,   academic writing a focus
  • In bilingual core classes, some   student in REG
  • English only, taught as a regular   English (ELA) course
  • Intermediate, some early   intermediate
  • Curriculum that of a regular English   student
  • Teamed with an ENG course (grade level)