World Languages


The mission of the World Languages Department at San Ysidro High School is to provide all students with the foundations to become bilingual, biliterate and to adopt a global mindset. We strive for all students to achieve literacy and proficiency in interpersonal speaking skills in another language. Students will become culturally knowledgeable about and competent in different contexts and will further explore and grow their language abilities outside of SYH, whether in the U.S. or abroad. We will inspire our students to become lifelong language learners so that they may be 21st Century-ready and use their skills in their future professional and personal lives. Most importantly, we want to arm our students with cultural sensitivity and a global perspective so they may use their language skills to create change where it matters most to them.

World Languages Common Classroom Rules:

Responsibility:  Be focused and prepared with required materials.
On time: Be present, actively engaged, free of cell phones, electronics or make-up.
Attitude: Be positive, do your best and show initiative.
Respect: Value yourself, your teacher, your peers, your school and your world.

Llulma Ocampo

AP Language and AP Literature Teacher

(619) 710-2300      Rm. 311

AP Spanish Language Syllabus 17-18

AP Spanish Literature Syllabus 17-18

Tanya Zuñiga

Spanish for Spanish Speakers 3-4 and 5-6 Teacher

(619) 710-2300      Rm. 303

Syllabus 17-18

AP Lenguaje Syllabus 17-18

Lorena De Leon

Spanish 3-4, 5-6  and Spanish for Spanish Speakers 3-4

(619) 710-2300      Rm. 302

Spanish 1 Syllabus 17-18

Spanish 3 Syllabus 17-18

Hispanohablantes Syllabus 17-18

Patricia Garcia-Zuniga

French 1-2, French 3-4, French 5-6 and AP French