Medical Pathway

“The medical pathway program is a 4 year program in which the students learn about possible careers in the medical field ranging from medical assisting to nursing to being a medical doctor. The program starts with students taking medical biology as freshmen, then biotechnology as sophomores, moving into medical chemistry as juniors and finishing with anatomy and physiology as seniors. As part of the program, the students have to do an internship at a local healthcare facility, which exposes them to medical professionals and the possibility of a career in that field.”

The HERE Initiative is an exciting new outreach program designed to benefit communities in South Bay and southeastern San Diego. San Ysidro High’s Medical Pathway students will benefit from the new partnership, supported by $10,000 a year in funding and enhanced opportunities with internships, tours, clinical equipment, and guest speakers.

The unique innovations of the Medical Pathway program focus on analyzing the core curriculum from the California State standards and reinventing it to make it more applicable for the student who hopes to someday work in the health care industry.  This is accomplished through a collaborative effort between pathway teachers and industry partners.  Discussions center around what the industry partner wants to see as far as skill level and critical thinking, and then designing labs and lessons to meet those needs.

This innovative philosophy is apparent throughout the UC-approved, A-G Medical Pathway science classes, including Medical Biology, Biotechnology, Medical Chemistry, and Anatomy & Physiology.

9th Grade:  Medical Biology                                 Ms. Hogan & Ms. Saetia

Students are taken on field trips in the fall and/or spring to the hospitals to expose them to various medical careers. Freshmen are highly encouraged to join the MEDICS Club to begin volunteer work.


10th Grade:  Biotechnology                                       Dr. Gil & Ms. Hogan

Students will have speakers come into their classes and talk about various medical topics. During the fall, they will go on a field trip to Sharp Hospital. In the spring, sophomores should be preparing for the Kaiser Summer internship program, where they are exposed to various hospital experiences and are mentored by Kaiser Doctors. The biotechnology course offers community college credit via Miramar Community College by way of examination at the end of the school year.

Optional concurrent enrollment in Healthcare Essentials & Medical Terminology* with Ms. Nelson.


11th Grade:  Medical Chemistry                              Dr. Gil & Ms. Northum

Students will take a field trip in the spring to Southwestern College and tour the medical program classrooms. Juniors are required to seek out volunteer opportunities on their own at local hospitals and medical facilities.

Optional concurrent enrollment in Healthcare Essentials & Medical Terminology* or Medical Assistant: Administration & Clinical* with Ms. Nelson or AP Biology with Ms. Saetia.


12th Grade:  Anatomy & Physiology                                           Ms. Saetia

Students will be partake in internships in the fall and spring at designated partnership locations. Students are selected based on the following criteria: Medical Pathway and CTE classes completed, years of participation in the Medics Club, GPA, attendance, and citizenship. Students must have their own transportation or set up a carpool. Students will be given an opportunity to complete one internship only however, if other students are not qualified a student may be chosen for two. Students may be disqualified from internship opportunities for academic and/or citizenship issues.

Optional concurrent enrollment in Medical Assistant: Administration & Clinical* with Ms. Nelson, AP Biology with Ms. Saetia, or AP Chemistry with Dr. Gil.


*Students that complete a Career Technical Education course (HCE, MT, MA, & MC) with an A or B grade are eligible to register the credit at Southwestern Community College.


All internship processes require an application, interview, selection, and orientation phase. Students are to be timely in adhering to timelines and deadlines.


UCSD – Hillcrest:  Students will rotate on various hospital floors, working with medical staff to assist with basic daily tasks.

Kaiser Permanente: La Maestra:  Students will assist staff by working in the front and back medical office.

Kaiser Summer Program:  Students will work alongside doctors, observe techniques, and assist with daily tasks.

San Ysidro Health Center Teen Clinic:  Students will be taught various topics on STIs, pregnancy, and nutrition and then re-teach topics.

American Heart Association:  Students will be trained in the revised sidewalk CPR technique, then train others in the community.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program:  Students will be taught various topics on nutrition, then will re-teach topics.



Ms. Claire Saetia, M.A.Ed.: General pathway questions, science class

placement, Medical Biology, and AP Biology

Room 509,

Ms. Yvette Nelson, LVN:  Internship Placement, HCE, MT, MA, or MC

Room 201,

Ms. Neennah Hogan: MEDICS Club, Medical Biology, and Biotechnology

Room 502,

Dr. Pedro Gil: Biotechnology, Medical Chemistry, and AP Chemistry

Room 507,

Ms. Carrie Northum: Medical Chemistry and Anatomy & Physiology

Room 504,


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