Physical Education

It is our mission to make Physical Education at San Ysidro a productive environment that provides a positive experience through a variety of fitness activities, leisure recreational activities, and sports. Our objective is to guide our students in establishing a lifestyle that includes proven concepts of wellness. We make it mandatory that all students partake in activities that improve aerobic capacity, flexibility, muscular strength and muscular endurance. We also challenge the students to grow in character, self-reliance, and self discipline. Generally, we aim to improve our student’s self image as they reach a higher level of health, vitality, and wellness.



 PE Coaches Syllabus and Information




EOC Resources

  Muscle Chart  Principles of Trianing 
 Fall 2017 EOC

Things to know for the HSCI Fall EOC 
Things to know for the HSCII Fall EOC

 Spring 2018 EOC

HSCI Motor Skills Study Guide

HSCII Motor Skills Study Guide


Exercise Resources

 Back Squat Technique

 Helpful Websites