Library Information

Library Information

Through the library, students will receive their textbooks, check out library books, do research on the computers, and participate in reading programs and many other activities. It is important that students and parents work together to fulfill their responsibilities, and that the expensive library materials are cared for and returned promptly so that others may use them.  Students will need to carry a school identification card at all times for all library transactions.  All Library Aides contribute to the smooth and efficient operation of the library media center by maintaining the collection for easy access by students and staff members.

Library Book Check Out:

Students may check out up to 4 books at a time for 2 weeks. Books should be returned as soon as students finish reading them. An overdue fine of .15¢ is charged per day for books returned after the due date.


Textbooks are checked in and out through the library at the beginning and end of the year. If a book is lost you must pay 10% the cost of the book and get on a payment contract. A replacement book will be issued.  Books must be returned in good condition.

Lost or Damaged Books:

Books need to be shared with all students, so each person needs to be responsible for caring for items checked out. Fines are assessed for damage, and students have to pay for lost materials. The library accepts cash only. If a lost book is later found, money will be refunded. Keep your receipt to expedite this process.